EMT Training Utah (UT)

If you are looking for Paramedic specific information then take a look at Paramedic Training in UT, for Advanced EMT specific info take a look at AEMT Training in UT.

The following is a list of requirements you will have to satisfy prior to becoming a licensed EMT in the State of Utah:

  • 18 years of age
  • Criminal background check, criminal records may result in rejection; if you have a criminal record it’s best to contact your local EMS Agency before starting a course
  • CPR course certificate
  • 120 hours EMT training
  • High School diploma
  • Valid drivers license not a requisite for an EMT license but may be required for better job prospects


Step 1

The first thing you should do is is to find a local training facility and register for the 120 hour EMT training. Before you contact the training facility you should get proof of immunization that you have and verify with the training facility what other immunizations you will need prior to registering.

A lot of training providers will require that you have your CPR certification card before you start the course, so it is advisable to check with the training providers if they offer CPR training as well.

It is absolutely crucial that you only register for an approved training course at a state approved facilityThe Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services provides a great search function for scheduled courses:

Training courses are generally spread over a 6 week period and the price usually ranges between $800 and $1,300.


Step 2

You must complete a criminal background check in order to become a licenced EMT, and this process may require fingerprinting if you have lived outside the state of Utah. More information is available here:


Step 3

In order to submit an application an applicant must do the following:

1) Complete the application form (

2) Bring the application to your EMT training provider

3) Upon successful completion of the training and related exams your instructor will complete the application and send it back to the OEMS

4) Submit a photo with your application

5) Submit copy of valid CPR certificate

6) Submit payment of initial certification fee of $160 plus $35 for fingerprinting (check or money order)

7) Submit criminal background check results

8) Submit tuberculosis test results

9) Submit course completion documentation


Step 4

Once you have compelted the EMT course you can apply to do both the written and practical examinations. You can pply for these through your training instructor, and you will have to successfully pass before you can be fully licensed.

Knowing all these steps in advance will greatly help in planning your training and ensuring a quick and efficient process as possible.

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